Hearts Unite the Globe Update

New HUG Logo

To make it easier for people to understand that Hearts Unite the Globe is for the congenital heart defect (CHD) community, we have revised our logo. We hope this makes it even easier for people to understand what HUG is all about.

We have been working very hard on our programming and are already half-way through Season 8 of Heart to Heart with Anna. Our theme this season is “Care for Adults with Congenital Heart Defects” and we’ve had a wonderful time interviewing Guests about topics of interest to adults with congenital heart defects and the parents who either have adult CHD children or hope to have adult CHD children someday.

Look for some new programming in the fall of 2016! We’re hoping to bring 2 or 3 new podcasts to our network of programs for the CHD community. Look for a couple of fundraisers to be announced soon, too. These fundraisers will help us develop new programs to help the CHD community feel enriched, empowered and educated.

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