Hearts Unite the Globe (HUG) Unveiled!


Image courtesy of Master isolated images at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We have finally received our 501(c)3 status from the IRS! Hearts Unite the Globe (HUG) is now considered a public charity. Now we have a great deal to do to make the nonprofit organization sustainable and work on making a difference in the congenital heart defect (CHD) community.

Even before we received our nonprofit status, we have been operating as a nonprofit entity. The main focus of our organization has been communication, communication, communication. I started that years ago with the help of some great people who helped me create websites and put material on the Internet to make all of the language and concepts discussed in the CHD community more easily understandable to people who aren’t medically trained.

Sue Dove was awesome about helping me move some of the information I had on Baby Hearts Press to a new website — Congenital Heart Defects.com. Before long we had over 100 free pages of information — everything from medical terms and definitions that are easy to understand to summer camps for kids with CHDs to forums where parents could post questions. Facebook has been able to handle the last need better than we could on our forum and it will be eliminated when we revamp that website.

Beyond the website and our books as a means of communication, we started a radio show to empower the CHD community. “Heart to Heart with Anna” started in 2013 and is preparing to launch its third season. In the coming years we’ll be adding other forms of communication, too.

We hope that Hearts Unite the Globe will be an organization that helps unite all of the other CHD organizations. With our website and through our other forms of communication, we can embrace what each of the other organizations has to offer. One of the biggest problems we’ve had in the heart world regarding advocacy has been that our many organizations have actually fragmented our world. We want HUG to embrace them all, unite them and help us provide a unified front to the world. Won’t you join us?

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